Lead partner (CH)

Regional Development Authority of Bellinzona and Valleys

Formed in 2010 in Biasca, the ERS-BV is composed of the municipalities and the Patricians of the Bellinzona, Blenio, Leventina and Riviera districts. It is committed to supporting its region in socioeconomic development and economic promotion. It supports SMEs and tourist destinations in innovation and competitiveness.

Lead partner (IT)

East Ticino Land Reclamation Consortium - Villoresi

The ETVilloresi is a public economic entity based in Milan, bringing together all owners of land and buildings within its district. It covers an area equal to 12 percent of the entire Lombardy region. It has the primary task of regulating, distributing and controlling water for irrigation and productive uses.

Partner (CH)

PRO Gotthard Foundation

Established in 1972, its purpose is to ensure that the people of Switzerland retain ownership of the buildings on the Gotthard Pass. Over the years it has restored and renovated a considerable number of buildings. In 1986 it established the Gotthard National Museum.

Partner (CH)

Municipality of Faido

Capital of the Leventina district, in the 21st century it incorporated the municipalities of Calonico, Chiggiogna, Rossura, Anzonico, Calpiogna, Campello, Cavagnago, Chironico, Mairengo, Osco and Sobrio. Located at an altitude of 715 m a.s.l., it has just under 3,000 inhabitants. Its name means “beech forest.”

Partner (CH)

Leventina Museum Association

Formed in 1967 with the purpose of promoting the creation of a valley museum by collecting and preserving objects, documents and testimonies of the Leventina. It works to enhance the ethnographic, artistic and natural heritage of the area and carries out activities to promote local cultural life.

Partner (CH)

CSG Swiss Railpark St. Gotthard

An association active in Ticino in the restoration and preservation of historic railway equipment and in offering tourist trips with historic railway convoys. With the Swiss Railpark / St. Gotthard Project, it aims to restore the historic buildings of the Biasca FFS Workshops to enhance the mountain railway line.

Partner (CH)

Serravalle Municipality

The municipality was established in 2012 with the merger of the former municipalities of Ludiano, Semione and Malvaglia (which became the capital). It has just over 2,000 inhabitants and is located at an altitude of 389 m a.s.l. At the mouth of the Blenio Valley, it is home to the ruins of a medieval castle of particular historical significance.

Partner (CH)

Bellinzona and Upper Ticino Regional Tourism Organization

Known as Bellinzona e Valli Turismo, it is a public sector corporation whose task is to foster the development and promotion of tourism, in collaboration with institutional and private partners. Its area of responsibility covers 4 districts: Bellinzona, Riviera, Blenio Valley and Leventina.

Partner (IT)

National Museum of Science and Technology "L. Da Vinci" Foundation - Milan

The Foundation was established in 1999 for the purpose of managing the National Museum of Science and Technology, founded in 1953 in Milan. The founding participants are the Italian Ministries of Education and Cultural Heritage and Activities. Supporting participants: the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Partner (IT)

Agusta Museum Foundation

The Agusta Museum Foundation is involved in managing the museum at Villa Agusta in Cascina Costa di Samarate which houses memorabilia, projects and documents that have enabled the Agusta brand to become a major player in the world of motors, from motorcycles to aircraft.

Partner (IT)

Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum Foundation

Established in 1999, it saw among its founding members the great cycling champion Fiorenzo Magni. The purpose of the foundation is the creation and management of the Cycling Museum on the hill dedicated to Madonna del Ghisallo and, over the years, increasing the collection of memorabilia and documents on the history of cycling.

Partner (IT)

Le Rogge s.r.l.

The Le Rogge company was established in 2004, heir to the A. Moschini company that, since the early 20th century, has quarried the ancient veins of marble of Ornavasso. It specializes in the extraction of blocks and slabs of pink Valtoce marble and granite and in their traditional artistic craftsmanship.

Partner (IT)

Municipality of Olgiate Olona

Located in the province of Varese, at 235 m a.s.l., along the banks of the Olona River, it has about 12,000 inhabitants. The name Olgiate may mean “portion of arable land surrounded by ditches and hedges.” Throughout the Middle Ages it was the religious and administrative center of Seprio County.

Partner (IT)

Val Grande National Park Authority

This is a protected natural area located in the Piedmont province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. It was established in 1992 to preserve the largest wilderness area in the Alps and in Italy. The administrative headquarters is located in Vogogna in the Ossola Valley. It is a particularly fascinating area for trekking and nature lovers.

Project coordinator (CH)

Omnis Vision SA

A Ticino-based consulting firm active in the enhancement of natural and built heritage, it also works to support territorial enhancement projects and the promotion of itineraries of historical-cultural and artistic-natural value, such as the Via e le Terre del Ceneri.

Project coordinator (IT)

Starter s.r.l.

A Venetian consulting firm that deals with business strategy, participatory processes, analysis and research. It acts as a facilitator of technical, administrative and financial management of publicly funded projects and the dissemination of their results.